My love of paddle tennis started early: growing up a paddle hut kid, watching my parents play mixed doubles in Bronxville, New York. Now, as a player myself, my passion for the sport is as strong as ever. A few years ago, there were no paddle mitts on the market that I was happy with, so I whipped together a mitt using the sleeve of an old sweatshirt and lined it with the sleeve of an old cashmere sweater. At least it would be warm, right? That mitt became known as “the ugly mitt”, and my grip hand stayed warm all winter. Also it turns out that my fellow paddle players were searching for a better mitt, so with some encouragement from friends and a new design, elemitts was born.

The queen OG and the mitt that started it all.

Exterior made with repurposed sweatshirt sleeve and lined with repurposed cashmere sweater sleeve.

Though the mitt has been retired, I'm grateful for the warmth and inspiration she provided.