hand made platform tennis mitts lined with repurposed cashmere

protect your grip hand from the elements so you can keep your head in the game

  • elemitts platform tennis mitts group order.paddle tennis mitts. platform tennis gloves. paddle tennis gloves.

    groups and special orders

    if you would like to order elemitts for a group, club, team, tournament, raffle, or special event, we would be happy to help. please reach out by email or by clicking the contact us link below.

    special thanks to NJWPTL for their elemitts group order last season

  • matching partner platform tennis mitts. paddle tennis mitts. platform tennis gloves. paddle tennis gloves.

    matching partner paddle tennis mitts

    do you and your partner like to match? exterior fabrics and appliques in complementary colors make it easy to coordinate your look.

  • Keegan

    "Love the feel of the mitt and the interior fabric. Very soft and cozy. Easy to grip the paddle with plenty of room but the perfect length so its not too long or bulky. I am completely converted to wearing a mitt thanks to elemitts."

  • Jamie

    "I am always cold and playing paddle in the middle of winter at 0 degrees the only mitt that keeps my hand warm is elemitts! The quality is top notch along with really cute designs."